Everything you need to know about water and Sencha tea

If you want to prepare a perfect cup of Sencha, there is one thing you must not underestimate: water! It is the invisible hero that brings the subtle nuances and full aroma of Sencha tea to life. Let's delve into the world of water together and discover what makes good water for Sencha tea and how you can find the ideal temperature to get the best out of your tea leaves.

Water quality and its impact on Sencha tea

Don't get us wrong: every drop counts! Water quality is determined by four key elements: hardness, pH, purity and temperature. Soft water brings out the flavors, while hard water can give tea a flat taste. A neutral pH is like music to our ears - it makes for the perfect brew. And purity? It's the cherry on top that perfects the flavor. Water temperature is like conducting an orchestra - it has to be just right to create harmony.

Sencha tea, water in carafe

Choosing the right water for Sencha tea

This is where the art comes in! Choose soft water for a symphony of flavors. In areas with hard water, bottled water is a good alternative. Or filter your tap water to achieve the best quality. It's like finding the perfect dance partner for tea - it just has to be a good fit!

The ideal water temperature for preparing Sencha tea

Now it's getting hot! The ideal temperature for green tea is between 76 and 82 degrees Celsius. The Yuzamashi technique is your secret trick for getting the water to the perfect temperature. It ensures that your tea can fully develop its fine nuances without becoming bitter.

Additional tips for enjoying Sencha tea

Be a tea explorer! Experiment with different infusions and watch how the flavor nuances change with each infusion. Use a traditional Kyusu teapot to enhance your tea experience. It's like playing an ancient, beautiful instrument - it makes the moment perfect.

Sencha tea, water


Water is the key to the art of making Sencha tea. Choose it wisely, control the temperature with heart and soul, and you will experience the true beauty of Sencha tea. Enjoy every sip with devotion and feel the passion that lies in every leaf. Cheers to the perfect tea pleasure!