Cold brew Sencha tea: step by step to summer enjoyment

Ready for a little rebellion against the summer heat? Then grab your favorite Sencha – yes, the best from us – and let's turn the tea ritual on its head: We're going cold.


Sencha cold brew


Sencha: Not just hot, a pleasure

Sencha is like the James Dean of the tea world: rebellious, complex and unforgettable. But did you know that this green jack-of-all-trades also cuts a sensational figure cold? Brewed cold, Sencha reveals its gentle, umami-sweet side even more, without any bitterness. A summer dream!

The taste of cold brewed Sencha

Brewed cold, Sencha is smoother, sweeter. Why? The bitter catechins only come into play when it is hot. No boiling, no bitterness. Cold brew extracts its aromas from the tea, without those bitter, astringent flavors. Even with hot infusion, the following applies: lower temperatures = more taste. And if you want to learn more about hot water infusion, check out our guide: Brew Sencha Tea Hot

Pro tips for cold brew Sencha

Take cool or room temperature water, 5-10 grams of tea leaves and 500 ml of water. Brewing time? 1-8 hours, depending on your taste preference.

Best time

Our tip: 3 hours is perfect. Then the tea has enough flavor without becoming bitter. Try it every hour – this will help you find your ideal taste.

Ideal leaf-water ratio

10 grams to 500 ml – that may sound strong, but you can trust Cold Brew Sencha. Experiment until you find your perfect ratio.

The best cold brew Sencha tea?

Our favorite: Honeyed Chestnut Touch – the ultimate cold brew. Or try Floral Yame Bliss , a deeply steamed sencha that has fruity, lychee-like notes

Sencha cold brew

Science behind Sencha

Cold-brewed Sencha is less bitter and astringent, thanks to theanine and epigallocatechin, which are better extracted in cold water. Plus: EGC strengthens the immune system, theanine reduces stress. Two great effects of Cold Brew Sencha!

Szencha Cold Brew Tea Instructions

Set it up in the evening: Simply fill the bottle with a filter and put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning a full bottle of rich tea is waiting for you.

Sencha cold brew

Sencha rocks the summer

Summer sencha, brewed cold, is more than just tea. It's an escape to the cool, a high-five with taste, and a minimalist masterpiece. This glaucoma proves that sometimes less is more and cold is simply hot!

So, get to the leaves and get to the fridge! Your Sencha is waiting to make this summer unforgettable. Cheers!