Kyusu - Szencha teapot
Kyusu - Szencha teapot

Kyusu - Szencha teapot

Kyusu - Szencha teapot

Volume: 300ml  

Weight: 220g.

Material: Natural clay

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Minimalist clay masterpiece. Daily taste fireworks.

Hand-turned in Studio Gyokko, a masterpiece for your Sencha moments, Kyusu is pure craftsmanship. In your hands it feels warm and inviting, perfect for any Sencha. Breathe in the scent of the tea as it develops its full aroma in this 300ml wonder pot.


300ml miracle pot. Full of green flavors.

From hand in shape to hand.

Every detail, from the soft black to the integrated ceramic sieve, whispers of masterful craftsmanship. Fill the hand-twisted Kyusu with your favorite Sencha and feel it tell vivid stories of Japanese tea flavor.

Use Kyusu correctly

Warm up

Simply warm the Kyusu with warm water. This leaves the clay smooth and ready to combine with your tea leaves. This way the aroma of your tea develops even more intensely.

Serve artfully

Pour water from the Yuzamashi over the tea leaves. Only up to the top third of the sieve. This gives the Sencha enough space to fully develop its aroma. Then relax your thumb on the knob and into the cups.

Clean properly

Say “Sayonara” to the tea leaves by completely purifying the Kyusu. Then comes the rinsing – but easy, just with water. No hard brushes or anything, just let it be. And voilà: Now let it air dry openly. Complete.

Szencha stories


I came across the Szencha by chance. Since then, the site has been an integral part of my tea consumption.

Anita, M.

Sencha and newspaper every Sunday morning – that’s my little bit of happiness. Japan. Szencha does it perfectly.

Taito, H.

Sencha has replaced my morning coffee. I now feel better throughout the day.

Andreas, K.
Rosy Umami Joy
Nutty Zen Smile
Earthy Spice Play