Not just green, but magnificent. Learn more about the depth of Sencha tea.

How Sencha tea is processed: This is what you should know

Sencha, the green miracle, is not simply produced, but lovingly staged.

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Sencha Tea vs. Green Tea: What's the Difference?

Sencha is steamed, which gives it a nobler, more delicate note.

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Secrets of Sencha Steaming

Discover the art of the perfect Sencha
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Sencha cultivation with altitude of; 400m

Learn about mountain magic for your taste buds
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Sencha vs. Matcha: The comparison

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More Sencha secrets

Green tea: 8 varieties simply explained

Discover the 8 unique green teas: Sencha, Matcha, Gyokuro, etc.

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Sencha: Your best health friend

Discover how Sencha boosts your health with antioxidants.

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Quality & Safety of Sencha Tea

Find out all about strict hygiene standards and careful raw material controls.

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Sencha tea: water makes the master

Immerse yourself in the art of optimal water hardness and ideal pH value.

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Revealed: How to recognize Sencha

Recognize quality by color, aroma, taste and other factors.

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Aroma worlds of Sencha tea

From sweet and delicate to umami-rich: Learn all about the flavors of Sencha in this comprehensive guide.

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Sencha Miracle: Vitality Revealed

Immerse yourself in the power of Sencha for well-being and health.

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Sencha Tea & Weight Loss

Discover how Sencha tea supports your weight loss and other health benefits.

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Sencha Tea Ceremony Guide

An in-depth guide that explores the meaning, history and four principles of the tea ceremony.

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Behind the scenes of the Sencha invention

From its origins in China to the modern tea culture of Japan. Learn all about Sencha.

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