Chazutsu - Szencha tea caddy
Chazutsu - Szencha tea caddy
Chazutsu - Szencha tea caddy

Chazutsu - Szencha tea caddy

Chazutsu - Szencha tea caddy

Volume: Approx. 100 gr. Sencha tea

Material: High quality birch wood

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Always tight, thanks to birch

When you think of birch, you might think of creaky forests, but this is about something much more fascinating: a closure that does what it promises. Birch has the special ability not to warp. This means the closure really always stays closed. Is everything closed or what?

Tawara form. Design Award 2010.

Better barrier with birch wood.

Birch wood is a real moisture barrier. With its lightness and natural feel, it is the champion in durability for Senchas. This will keep your Sencha fresh for a long time.

Use the tea caddy correctly

A Sencha variety

Single Sencha Brew. Single Sencha storage. Use up your 100 gr. Sencha before you fill the next unit into your Chazutsu. This way your taste always stays pure.

Dry clean

Forget water worlds – a gentle brush or cloth is enough to dry clean your can. Let it glide lightly and lovingly over the lively line pattern. Voila.

Leave nature

Your outdoorsman doesn't want to know anything about artificial hairpins. The natural oils of Sencha nourish the wood and allow it to shine in its natural beauty.

Szencha stories


I came across by chance. Since then, the site has been an integral part of my tea consumption.

Anita, M.

Sencha and newspaper every Sunday morning – that’s my little bit of happiness in Japan. Szencha does it perfectly.

Taito, H.

Sencha has replaced my morning coffee. I now feel better throughout the day.

Andreas, K.
Rosy Umami Joy
Nutty Zen Smile
Earthy Spice Play