Brewing Sencha tea: That’s what matters

Hey you. Welcome to the fascinating world of Sencha tea. This green gold from Japan is not just a drink, it is a journey for the senses! Let's reveal the secret behind the perfect Sencha tea together.

Brew sencha

Choosing the right Sencha tea

This is where things get tricky! Pay attention to the color - the brighter, the lighter. Fresh smell? Check! And where does he come from? Shizuoka? Uji? These names are like music to the ears of a tea connoisseur. Remember: the tea should be as fresh as the latest gossip.

The correct preparation of Sencha tea

Water temperature and steeping time

Temperatures are everything! Too hot and your tea will be sour on you. Too cold and it keeps its aroma secret. The magic window is around 60-80°C. And time? One minute - no longer, otherwise the tea will be a bit messy, except for the second infusion.

The brewing method

  1. Measure : 5 grams of tea for 100 ml - that's your magic formula.
  2. Heating and cooling : Boil the water and then let it chill again.
  3. Broth : Pour over the leaves and watch the magic happen.
  4. Serving : Distribute evenly so that every sip is a hit.

Tips for an optimal result

  • Soft water = smooth tea.
  • Play with the amount of tea and steeping time. Be the DJ of your tea.
  • Teapots are not just teapots. It should be ceramics from Tokoname.

Prepare Sencha

Common mistakes when brewing Sencha tea

  • Water that's too hot : Your tea will be more bitter than a bad separation.
  • Brewing time too long : More is not always better. Follow the rules!
  • Improper storage : Dark and cool, like a secret love affair.

Advanced techniques and variations

  • Multiple infusions : every infusion is a new adventure.
  • Cold Brew : Sencha on ice, baby.
  • Experimenting with flavors : lemon? Mint? Why not!

Prepare Sencha

Conclusion: The beauty of brewing Sencha tea

Brewing Sencha tea is like a dance. One step at a time, with patience and dedication. It's your time to switch off and enjoy the little things - a warm vessel, the smell of tea, life. So, grab your teapot and let's go! Show the world how to brew Sencha like a boss.