Cold Kick: Discover the art of Sencha tea on ice

In this blog post we delve into the cool world of Sencha tea on ice. A refreshing change to the traditional hot cup, which is not only a treat for the body, but also a feast for the senses, especially in the warm summer months. Together we will discover the meaning of this green gold in Japanese tea culture, shed light on the art of cold brewing and reveal how you can prepare the perfect Sencha over ice. Let's dive into the icy seduction together!

Sencha tea on ice


Significance of Sencha tea in Japanese tea culture: Sencha, the green heart of Japan, stands for tradition, purity and peace. It occupies a place of honor in Japanese tea culture, symbolizing the harmony of nature and the calm of the spirit.

Sencha on ice - a refreshing alternative: Imagine how the bitter cold of the ice awakens the vibrant essence of Sencha. A refreshing alternative to the classic hot infusion, ideal for hot days or as an invigorating refreshment.

Benefits of Cold Brewing: Cold brewing preserves sencha's delicate flavors, reduces bitterness, and brings out its sweet, umami-rich side. In addition, the caffeine remains controlled, which promises a gentler energy kick.

Sencha tea on ice

Preparation and tools

Necessary utensils: To prepare it, all you need is high-quality Sencha, ice cubes, a tea strainer or teapot and of course a glass or bowl.

Choosing the right Sencha: The quality of the Sencha is crucial. Look for bright green leaves and a fresh, grassy aroma. High-quality Sencha promises an incomparable taste experience.

Preparing the Ice: The best quality ice is clear and free of impurities. Tip: Let the water sit before freezing so it becomes clearer.

Sencha tea on ice

The Art of Cold Brew

Step-by-step instructions: Start by placing the ice cubes in the glass. The amount of ice cream can vary – experiment to see what you like best.

Dosage of Sencha: The right amount is essential. About 5 grams of Sencha is recommended for one glass. But this is not a rigid commandment – ​​find your perfect balance.

Pour over and let it steep: Carefully pour the sencha leaves over the ice cream. The leaves should rest gently on the ice. Now it's time to wait while the flavors develop. The ideal steeping time is around 15 minutes, but the same applies here: tastes differ.

Sencha tea on ice

Refinement and serving

Adjust to your own taste: Experiment with steeping time and amount of Sencha until you find your perfect iced Sencha.

Serve in style: Present your Sencha over ice in a transparent glass to show off the variety of colors. A mint leaf or a lemon slice can serve as a decorative and tasty addition.

Pairings: Try Sencha on ice with light snacks or traditional Japanese sweets. The harmony of taste and texture will delight you.

Health Benefits

Cold vs. Hot Brewed: Cold brewed Sencha contains less caffeine and acid, making it more digestible. The antioxidant effect is retained and can even be enhanced.

Metabolism and well-being: Regular consumption can stimulate metabolism and contribute to general well-being.


Sencha on ice is not just a drink, it is a journey of discovery. A journey that combines tradition with modernity and makes every sip a refreshing experience. We invite you to experiment, enjoy and create your own Sencha moments.

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We hope this blog post has given you a cool insight into the art of Sencha tea on ice. Now it's your turn to discover this ice-cold delicacy and enrich your summer days with a cup full of freshness and aroma. Share your experiences and recipes with us – together we can redefine the world of tea!