Mizudashi - Szencha cold brew bottle
Mizudashi - Szencha cold brew bottle
Mizudashi - Szencha cold brew bottle

Mizudashi - Szencha cold brew bottle

Mizudashi - Szencha cold brew bottle

Volume: 750ml

Material: Jug made of borosilicate glass, lid made of BPA-free plastic

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Cool. Compact. Creative.

The Mizudashi iced tea bottle from Hario is a design classic for every refrigerator. Let yourself be surprised at how easy it is to conjure up wonderful cold water tea in no time - perfect for hot days or as a stylish companion in the office.

750ml jar. Full of Sencha coolness.

Ice-cold elegance

Whether it's a lightning-fast infusion or a slowly cooling luxury overnight: this Japanese gem turns every sip into a little celebration. Your summer will be sparkling with Mizudashi – dare, drink cold. With just a wipe of water and a pinch of loose sencha, you can transform it into a refreshing treat.

Use the cold brew bottle correctly

refrigerator or room

Ready for the cold Sencha kick? Simply place Sencha needles in the sieve and chill. The colder, the milder. Try what you like.

Wait 4-8 hours

Your next task? Just wait and see. In four to eight hours, this quiet still life transforms into a subtle, drinkable Sencha. So simple, so stylish.

Empty filter

After your thirst quenching experience, twist off the lid and empty the strainer. This means your Sencha cold brew will never taste bitter.

Szencha stories


I came across Szencha.de by chance. Since then, the site has been an integral part of my tea consumption.

Anita, M.

Sencha and newspaper every Sunday morning – that’s my little bit of happiness in Japan. Szencha does it perfectly.

Taito, H.

Sencha has replaced my morning coffee. I now feel better throughout the day.

Andreas, K.
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Nutty Zen Smile
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