Fruity Sunset Flirt
Fruity Sunset Flirt
Fruity Sunset Flirt

Fruity Sunset Flirt

Fruity Sunset Flirt

Taste: Honey-like / chestnut-nutty / subtle fruitiness

Steaming time: Short ◼︎◻︎◻︎◻︎◻︎ Long | 20 seconds

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Honey-like charm. Courted by chestnut nuttiness

Green shine, coated in honey. Chestnut sounds, artfully composed. This Sencha is simple and masterful at the same time. The light to golden Hoshino needles give this Sencha a touch of sweetness and an echo of chestnut. Every sip, a little curiosity.

Four generations, a mouthful of mystery

Nakamura's honey sencha

In the tea village of Hoshino, the Nakamura family cultivates their yellow honey Sencha gold. The secret? Four generations whispered secrets to the tea bushes - and not a word beyond that. A touch of mystery served with a wink. A must.

Time has passed since the harvest










Cool water

With the Yuzamashi . Be the guardian of the perfect temperature. Pour in boiling water and let it cool gently until it reaches the ideal temperature of 60-80 degrees - you want the flavors to resonate without becoming bitter.

Sencha pouring

With the Kyusu . Pour the water into the Kyusu teapot. This has a built-in Furui sieve where the optimal amount of your Sencha is already waiting. Only let the tea steep for a short time - a period of 60 to 120 seconds. Not more.

Enjoy tea

With Yunomi & Kensui . – Now, pour your Sencha tea into the Yunomi cup and let the color and scent enchant you. You pour what's left into the Kensui so that your Sencha doesn't end up in a bitter aftermath.

55 degrees

water temperature

70 seconds

Brewing time

6.5 grams

To 100 ml of water

Szencha stories


I tried the Sencha at a friend's house and was immediately blown away. Such a clear, pure aroma.

Andreas, F.

Sencha and yoga – my new favorite combination. The tea helps me relax even more.

Tiny, H.

I was skeptical because I usually only drink Ulong, but this Sencha is awesome. Nice and mild.

Moonie, S.